Saturday, May 9, 2009

Caption Contest.

Hey everyone I think I'll have a caption contest once every couple months. If your interested in submitting a caption just email them to me at stmacsall at gmail dot com. after a week or two I'll post all the entries and we can have a vote for the best caption.

Does this sound like a good idea to you?

Or maybe I'll post a blank picture and people write a caption for it and we vote on the best on for just that picture.

Let me know which Idea you like best and we will run with that one.



  1. I'm game for a caption contest. I like the idea of you posting a pic and everybody putting their own spin on the situation. That way you could see how different people react to the same image. Kinda like a psychological experiment and we're all the guinea pigs.

  2. Ooh I agree with Isobelle on that one, i'd love to see all the different spins people take on the same image! I'd love to participate, being a guinea pig would be fun!