Wednesday, May 6, 2009


All I have left is my chemistry final. I should do okay on that. Wish me luck though.

My Japanese exam didn't go so well I don't think. I'm not to worried though I should get a C in the class if not maintain my B i'm okay with it. Its fucking Japanese.

I'm almost certain I rocked my genetics exam. I need a 96ish on it to get an A- in the class but I should be close to that. Lets pray I get it and the professor hooks me up.

In Art History I got an A thats in the bag already talked to the professor.

Last Night I got to go to group therapy and got to dress up and be myself. That made me happy even if I only get to dress up every now and then. It keeps my spirits high enough to survive until I can finish school and move out of my parents house.

I'd post pictures but I don't have any recent ones maybe some other time though.

Thanks again everyone for helping this relatively small blog start to flourish.


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