Monday, May 18, 2009

just a quick update

Hey Ladies and Gents,

Sorry I haven't had a caption in a few days. Spent Saturday with some friends and today I had to work late. I have a few pictures ready for some captions and I'll have them posted tomorrow night hopefully.

So far only Isobelle has sent me a caption for the caption contest thing. If i get a couple before I get home from work tomorrow night i'll put them up for the first caption contest otherwise I'll wait it out a day or two more and see if i get any.

I've been playing world of warcraft again. Since school is out I can play. When school is in I can't play because i am not good at regulating how much i can play so i just have to cut it out completely grrrrr.

Alrighty goodnight all


  1. I know what you mean about games like that. You start playing when you get home and before you know it its four o'clock in the morning. Good times though, good times...